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Commission Automation for the Retail Industry

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Blitz automated commission management for retail businesses
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Real-time commission management and tracking

Commission structures can take many forms in the retail industry. That's why sales managers and business owners are always on the lookout for ways to determine the best payment scheme and find the best strategies to drive more sales.

Blitz® is a proven solution for businesses in the retail industry. It offers an automated platform to keep track of sales performance and pay bonuses based on KPIs while solving complex commission schemes. Stop working in spreadsheets and eliminate manual errors. Blitz® centralizes all the information about regions, sales reps, and branches so you can keep all the data you need in one single place.

Blitz offers an automated platform to keep track of sales performance and pay bonuses based on KPIs while solving complex commission schemes.
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Say goodbye to commission errors and overpayments

Speed up your bonus payments through approval workflows

Blitz® allows the integration with BI platforms to review data

Transparency in bonus details in line with specific business requirements

Adjust complex compensation schemes and KPIs without the help of an IT department

Save time spent on KPI management so you can focus on your sales goals

KPIs Adjustments

Blitz® allows you to manage and modify all your indicators while keeping track of the quotas generated by regions or branches.  

Commission Plans Management

Assign sales comp plans associated with segments, including roles, hierarchies, regions, or brands.


Visualize and ensure real-time tracking of bonuses while setting up KPIs.

Commission on Direct Sales

Configure multiple calculation schemes for direct commissions for variables such as territory, branch, or campaign promotion.

Commission on Cross-selling

Keep track of the transactions made and the commissions generated by each sales category.

Release Commission Payments

Manage different payment schemes through approval workflows and visualize scenarios that affect commission payments, such as returns, cancellations, or KPIs related to the HR department.

Blitz eliminates manual errors and overpayments in the retail industry.

Enter the world of real-time sales goal tracking and data

Blitz® connects easily with different platforms and legacy systems to provide retail enterprises with real-time tracking, management, and control.

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