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Eliminate errors and time spent on commission calculation

With Blitz, eliminate manual errors and time spent on commission management.

Automate your sales commission tracking process and payments

Sales managers in retail businesses must focus on generating effective sales strategies while managing and controlling sales performance by roles, territories, and branches. 
Blitz is the automated platform they need to motivate their sales managers and teams to crush their goals and receive higher bonuses. Start saving time, reduce errors, design, and adjust compensation payment models while generating seasonal campaigns to drive more sales.

Blitz is the automated sales commission tracking platform the retail industry can use to solve their most complex commission problems.

Keep track of sales goals and commissions through an automated platform 

Irrespective of the size of your business, sales teams, or the number of roles, regions, and branches you manage, Blitz can ease commission burdens and optimize your sales performance.

Obtain daily information through POS systems 

Adjust bonus/goals by performance 

Flexibility to adjust and generate KPIs

Commission assignment by hierarchies/structures  

Detailed transaction information 

 Integration with Human Resources systems/platforms

Information Security

Blitz provides retail companies with a range of access options for their sales managers through user authentication and authorization methods to protect business data.  

Information Security

Automate your commission calculation processes and payments 

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